Detergent - DeoDog

DeoDog - the effective cleaning agent for animal odors

Dogs are man’s best friend – it’s not for nothing that the four-legged friends are so popular as pets. However, the often unpleasant odors are not absent, but do not have to be a problem. If you want to be effective here and achieve a long-lasting effect, we recommend our DeoDog as a cleaning agent – you won’t want to be without it again.

Innovative technology for natural animal scents

DeoDog is based on the catalytic reaction of silicon dioxide – this process is innovative and revolutionary: odors are not masked with fragrances, which are often enough allergenic, or alcohol, but combated where they arise. You will quickly find that both your four-legged friend and those around him exude a completely natural smell again. With this odor eliminator for pets and their surroundings, you ensure clear air – count on it.


Targeted use of physical effects - DeoDog

The functionality of DeoDog effectively exploits the enormous potential of amorphous silicon dioxide, i.e. silica gel: The large inner surface of 600 m²/g makes this active ingredient so interesting and effective. The molecules responsible for the odor are caught and broken down in a catalyzing process in such a way that odorless molecules are the result – the problem is virtually neutralized.

Tested and proven safety

You may already be familiar with this unique mode of action from our NO Odor technology – if not, then we recommend that you also take a look at this product. Of course, the process has been tested by numerous institutes. Even the Swiss Health Office classified it as harmless. The application is therefore completely safe for humans, animals and the environment – we attach great importance to that!

That’s why we first carried out extensive tests ourselves, not only to check the harmlessness, but also to confirm the competence of the product. This included, for example, an eye irritation test according to OECD 492 by Dermatest (R), which our safe and high-quality cleaning agent DeoDog passed without any problems.

DeoDog contains:

The product therefore does not interfere with the natural skin flora or the microbiome!

Easy to use - convincing results

DeoDog is meant to be effective, so we also paid attention to ease of use: spray DeoDog directly onto the dry coat for the best result. You can dose the product individually according to the thickness of the fur and your needs. Then just let it dry and soak in. If necessary, repeat the process. But give the cleaning agent time to develop its effect – you will not be disappointed.

DeoDog - the benefits speak for themselves

With DeoDog you finally have a cleaning agent that effectively combats the often enough annoying animal odors: It goes far beyond conventional, perfumed odor fighters, because the odors are not only masked. Instead, DeoDog works in the background and ensures that the odor molecules are effectively broken down. Enjoy a naturally smelling pet and a comfortable environment!