Simply Clean Sneaker - bright white, like new.

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Simply Clean Sneaker:
bright white - but without chemicals and scrubbing!

Sneakers are extremely popular, but also sensitive: not only the white sole, but also the upper material and the front cap only really show off the respective design when they are clean. But how quickly do dark spots and stripes spoil stylish shoes? And then the crucial question arises: What is the best way to clean sneakers?

Perhaps you have already tried various recommendations, cleaning kits or household products. Were you really satisfied with the result? Whether you scrub, wash or erase – on the one hand the procedure is exhausting, on the other hand the usual dirt removers can contain chemical substances that are not without. With our Simply Clean sneaker you now have an intelligent solution to the problem – and you should definitely try it!

Simply Clean Sneaker: German know-how for clean shoes

Simply Clean is not only a German invention, but is also produced here. This is a liquid that does not chemically dissolve the dirt, rather it works physically and is therefore extremely skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. The effect can be compared to a micro-earthquake: after being sprayed on, the 200-nanometer bubbles move up to 8,000 times per second. They push under the dirt particles and transport them upwards. It is therefore easy to remove the loosened dirt with a microfiber cloth, a brush or a sponge.

Your sneakers will be white again in seconds – that’s what we call simple and effective. No chemical odors are released, but a microplastic is also created by etching. The special feature: Even the relief structures of the soles are not a problem, the liquid gets everywhere and unfolds its effect.


Areas of application for Simply Clean Sneaker

The dirt remover is suitable for all smooth and non-absorbent surfaces. Textile areas and roughened leather are excluded.
Application instructions for Simply Clean Sneaker
Apply Simply Clean Sneaker Foam or Spray to the contaminated area and wait two minutes. Then apply the solution to the material with a damp brush. Now you can simply wipe away the dirt with a cloth – without any effort, scrubbing or smells.

The ingredients

Simply Clean Sneaker includes

The benefits of Simply Clean Sneaker

The physical cleaner