Flasche Protect
The fertilizer for healthy, strong and high-yielding plants

Fertilizer - Supershield®

Natural bioflavonoids and special micronutrients that strengthen the immune system of your plants to make them more tolerant against stress – that’s the recipe for success of our SUPERSHIELD® fertilizer in a nutshell.

What you can expect:

And you won’t be disappointed!

Naturally strengthened plants thanks to SUPERSHIELD®

Healthy plants are dependent on functioning enzymatic reactions of the metabolic processes – this is where our SUPERSHIELD® fertilizer comes in: During development, the Green Valley Solutions team in Austria focused explicitly on the needs and health of fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants concentrated. 

The ingredients lead to a noticeable revitalization, so that on the one hand growth is promoted, but on the other hand resistance in stressful situations such as heat, wet, dry, cold as well as nutrient deficiency or illnesses is improved. In this way, the plants can find their way back to their natural balance more quickly.

Different needs - differentiated SUPERSHIELD® solutions

Of course, the Green Valley Solutions team also explicitly addresses the needs of the various plant species. Choose between the following fertilizer variants:

Flasche Protect

SUPERSHIELD® PROTECT for fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants

This basic protection strengthens the plant metabolism, vitality and growth. By activating the secondary metabolism, your plants become less sensitive to stress and diseases.

SUPERSHIELD® BLOOM for healthy ornamental plants

With this fertilizer you can help your ornamental plants to gain more vitality and growth. The activated secondary metabolism ensures greater resilience in the event of stress and illness. Look forward to lush leaves and flowers!

Flasche Bloom
Flasche Fruit

SUPERSHIELD® FRUIT for fruit and vegetable crops

This fertilizer is specially formulated to improve the development of healthy, juicy fruit. In addition, SUPERSHIELD® FRUIT stimulates the general metabolism and the performance of photosynthesis.

SUPERSHIELD® ROOT for strong roots

Strong roots with a functioning metabolism are not only optimal for all plants, but also for every lawn: With SUPERSHIELD® ROOT you not only improve root formation, but also the communication between plant and soil.

All SUPERSHIELD® products come in concentrate form and come in convenient dosing bottles so you can apply fertilizer as needed.

Flasche ROOT