Fruit concentrate

Golden Delicious

Apple fruit concentrate

The riper the apples, the better the applesauce: the refreshing acidity gives the sweetness of the fruit the right flavor. Our applesauce therefore has no additional ingredients and complies with the Iranian regulations ISIRI* 5210 for apple puree, for which the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research is responsible.

The applesauce is packed in aseptic bags with a net weight of 240 kg, which are transported in steel drums. Temperatures between 0 °C and +10 °C are recommended for storage. Of course, our product is free of yeast and mould, germs and coliform bacteria – pure enjoyment from sun-ripened and carefully processed apples.

Date concentrate

Date fruit concentrate

Fresh dates, which develop their effect when they are fully ripe, are the ingredients for our date concentrate – and exclusively. Dates are known for their antioxidant, calcium and magnesium content. But it also has a lot to offer in terms of taste, thanks to the high proportion of fructose. Careful processing that does not impair the quality of the fruit is all the more important.

This is exactly what we attach great importance to, not only to convince the ISIRI* concentrate regulations from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, but above all you. We are just as careful when it comes to packaging, which of course is aseptic. Stored at temperatures between -5 °C and +10 °C, the date concentrate can be kept very well.

pomegranate juice concentrate

Pomegranate fruit concentrate

Ripe pomegranates – 100 percent – provide the basis for our concentrate, which complies with the ISIRI* 5662 standard published by the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research. The fruits are carefully processed and slowly brought to the desired concentration of 65 (+/-1) Brix.

This not only preserves that typical, full aroma of pomegranates, but above all the content of important minerals such as potassium and calcium, iron and phosphorus as well as folic acid and vitamins B and C. The packaging in aseptic bags with a net weight of 280 kg, in steel drums being transported chilled protects the high quality. If the pomegranate juice concentrate is stored at a temperature between -15 °C and -18 °C, it remains microbiologically stable – and extremely tasty – for two years.

Sour cherry concentrate

Sour cherry fruit concentrate

With all the acidity that gives these fruits their name: Ripe sour cherries have a full-bodied aroma with a good portion of sweetness – and that’s exactly what our sour cherry concentrate contains. But they can do much more, because tart cherries are now known for their anti-inflammatory effect, but also for their positive influence on some diseases such as rheumatism, gout or pain. 

Of course, this concentrate also complies with the current Iranian regulations ISIRI* 5528 in the first edition for sour cherry juice concentrate, which was formulated by the Institute for Standards and Industrial Research. The recommended storage temperature for the aseptic bags, which are transported in steel drums with a net weight of 270 kg, is between -15 °C and -18 °C.

tomato concentrate

Tomato fruit concentrate

Not only do they bring a whole wealth of vitamins and minerals – such as vitamin C and potassium – with them, they can also develop a wonderful aroma. To do this, however, tomatoes have to ripen in peace and quiet under natural conditions – this is exactly what accounts for the special quality of the fruit we process. The concentrate is carefully and thoughtfully made to be free of germs, mold or other contaminants. 

We pay just as much attention to the packaging: we use multi-layer, stable and, above all, aseptic bags that are delivered in steel drums. This in turn allows you to ensure quality storage. You can find all the information about the recommended conditions in the product description.

White grape juice concentrate

White grape fruit concentrate

The full aroma of white grapes that have been spoiled by the sun until they are ripe – our grape juice concentrate has it all. Of course, we attach great importance to quality, the concentrate is free of germs, yeast or mold and coliform bacteria. 

We thus meet the national standard ISIRI* 2615, which applies to white grape juice concentrate and is published by the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran. The white grape juice concentrate with a net weight of 270 kg is packed in aseptic bags, which in turn are delivered in steel drums – safety is important to us. This means that the product can be stored perfectly at a temperature between -5 °C and +10 °C.