Caviar Perlé Supreme

Caviar Perlé Supreme (Beluga Caviar Huso Huso) 50 and 100g cans Caviar Perle Supreme

It is considered black gold and is traded accordingly: first-class caviar impresses with its excellent taste and is an exquisite delicacy for special occasions. However, it is quality and origin that make the differences – and they can be significant. Convince yourself that our Caviar Perlé Supreme, which you can order in cans of 50 and 100 g, satisfies even the most discerning palate!

Caviar Perlé Supreme

Caviar quality - a question of breeding, water and location

Of course, there are a number of suppliers who bring caviar to the market in a wide variety of qualities. It was not for nothing that we chose a partner, one of the largest producers of BELUGA caviar in the world. While many farms work with water of all kinds, including more or less polluted river or well water, water from the Caspian Sea is used here. The strogen fish are raised in numerous tanks filled with seawater with high-quality fish food, so that the caviar has that special taste that so-called wild caviar brings with it.

In order to be able to implement these ambitious plans for fish farming, the company searched for suitable locations for a long time. It struck gold in the Iranian provinces of Magandaran and Gilan, both of which border the Caspian Sea. Both regions are practically untouched by tourism and are correspondingly quiet. They therefore offer the perfect natural environment for the project. It is not without reason that he is now considered a world-renowned manufacturer and exporter of BELUGA caviar from the Caspian Sea. Enjoy this delicacy with all your senses – and you will definitely share this opinion!