Detergent - NO® Odor the odor eliminator

NO® Odor odor remover - sustainably effective and environmentally friendly!

Many products promise to safely remove annoying odors. However, most air fresheners rely on masking the existing odors, which usually only works to a limited extent. NO® Odor takes a different approach here: The odor remover takes this name seriously, it eliminates the molecules that cause the odor where they occur. And that proves to be extremely efficient in practice – see for yourself!

NO® Odor public toilets

NO® Odor sweat

To protect our environment -
NO® Odor takes action

Clearly, a masked bad odor cannot help improve air quality: ingredients such as alcohol or allergenic scents must be released to have a short-term effect. With its special mode of action, NO® Odor can completely do without it, which is not only good for the air and thus the environment, but above all for health. You can use our odor eliminator in the air, on soft surfaces like textiles or fabrics, on walls, in air filters and many more places. It works where the annoying odors arise – you can rely on that.

Fast, safe and environmentally friendly - this is how NO® Odor works

The success of our odor remover NO® Odor is no coincidence, it was carefully researched. The essential basis is colloidal silicon, which enables a two-stage process: First, the molecules causing the odors are captured in order to then break them down into odorless molecules. With an active surface of around 450 m² per gram, colloidal silicon opens up enormous potential for a lasting effect – you will be surprised.

Special properties - numerous advantages

Our NO® Odor remover
Our NO® Odor odor remover is just as effective for odors containing nitrogen and sulphur, such as those caused by sweat, faeces or urine, as it is for fish, garbage and animal odors or odors from smoke, in nursing homes, hospitals and many other places.

Sustainable production - sustainable result

There are various aspects that are suitable as quality criteria for the NO® Odor odor remover: On the one hand, it is manufactured in the EU. On the other hand, only natural raw materials are used sustainably – and without the use of energy, i.e. pressure or heat. Rather, it is a so-called green process in which all processed raw materials are also 100 percent necessary and brought in. There is no waste or waste water. In addition, no animal testing was and will be carried out, the NO® Odor odor remover is vegan. Have these cogent arguments convinced you? Then you only have to choose whether a hand sprayer, the fogger or the pads support your project optimally – the effect will be excellent in any case.